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Explore the history of the Calumet Region in a series of educational and entertaining books by Cynthia Ogorek. Ms. Ogorek writes with passion, wit, and insight about the people, events, and infrastructure that shaped the Midwest. Every book purchased through this online store is signed by the author. All books are paperback editions.

Along the Calumet River

Along the Calumet River

Once known as the Callimink River by the area’s Potawatomi Indians, the Calumet River has been home to swimmers and fishermen, steamboats and canoes, and shipyards and factories for generations. Recreation and industry have coexisted along its banks for decades.

Communities along the Calumet River – from South Chicago to northwest Indiana – have long derived their lifeblood from the river. With abundant wilderness, many recreational activities, and a convenient transportation corridor, the Calumet River has long been an important resource for the communities along its banks. Along the Calumet River presents the history, evolution, and development of the river corridor using over 200 vintage images.

Along the Chicago South Shore & South Bend Rail Line

The Chicago South Shore & South Bend Railroad Starting began in 1901 as a three-mile-long trolley line in East Chicago, Indiana. In 1908, it expanded to connect South Bend with Chicago. Once a treasure in the Sam Insull utilities empire, today it is the only functioning electric interurban in the country. The route takes travelers from a world-class city to rolling agricultural acres, past steel mills and along a national lakeshore. Some 200 vintage photographs illustrate the unique view of the Calumet region that South Shore passengers have traditionally enjoyed. Images of rolling stock, passenger depots, excursion destinations, and historic sites along the way combine to reveal the century-long story of the railroad and its 90-mile corridor.

Along the Chicago South Shore & South Bend Rail Line

Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad

Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad

Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad is the fourth book in Cynthia Ogorek’s series on the history of transportation in the Calumet Region. This book deals with the railroad and roundabout terminal that made it possible to travel by rail to Chicago and beyond. This book was co-authored by Bill Molony.

The Lincoln Highway Around Chicago

Once known as the “Main Street of America,” the Lincoln Highway through western Indiana and eastern Illinois became the first urban bypass on the first hard-surfaced transcontinental highway in the nation. This stretch of the highway is also home to the famous “Ideal Section,” which set the national standard for road construction in 1923.

Through some 200 vintage photographs, this armchair tour of the highway from Schererville, Indiana, to Geneva, Illinois, visits sites that early tourists saw and documents the people who made the highway what it was in 1913. It also features the people who worked to preserve its spirit and history at the close of the century. The Lincoln Highway around Chicago defines and describes the role of the Lincoln Highway in the Chicago area, from a gravel track to a miracle mile that has served local residents and cross-country travelers for nearly 100 years.

The Lincoln Highway around Chicago